Today we would like to talk about the consequences of the negative experience of relationships with a man. Resentment and injustice caused by other people. All of this relates to the often unavoidable life experiences that many women go through. Difficult life situations carry not only pain and disappointment. They help to learn more about yourself, about other people and draw. The right conclusions learn from past mistakes. Understanding the experience of Relationships with a man is important for personal. Development and the success of further relationships. It is given in order to correct your own behavior, interfere with meeting men to understand. What kind of man you would like to see next to you. What kind of relationship to build and not to make mistakes in the future that led to a break in relations. Or not to allow other people to treat you unfairly.

It happens that a difficult life situation is not properly comprehended. Or the conclusions drawn are not of practical use, do not help to become wiser. Events are simply “repressed” from consciousness or take the form of an emotional burden that prevents a woman. From building further relationships with men. This leads to the emergence of internal contradictions. Which not only prevent the creation of new relationships (if you do not learn from the mistakes of past relationships. It is difficult to avoid them in the future), but even prevent you from meeting men.

Next, we would like to dwell on how negative relationship experience. Fear of being deceived, imposed stereotypes, someone else’s experience of relationships and dating. Unwillingness to forgive the offender – affect the behavior when meeting a foreigner. And the impression that he gets from communicating with a lady. .

Negative experience of past relationships

“To analyse the past, or rather, the bad in the past, makes sense only if, on. The basis of this analysis, it is possible to correct the present or prepare the future” V. Nekrasov

The unwillingness or inability to part with the past, to understand, forgive and forget. Is often expressed in a frequent return (mentally or in communication with other people) to the topic of past relationships. When meeting a foreigner, the topic of previous interfere with meeting men relationships. Should be touched upon, however, not to focus on it, not to go into details, thereby showing the remaining emotional connection with past events. With a former lover. A foreign gentleman may get the impression that you are still experiencing. A breakup with your former lover and are not ready for new feelings, new relationships. triptogether 


Fear of trusting a man – Interfere With Meeting Men

We all know very well one simple truth: trust is the basis of strong, harmonious relationships and a happy family. However, having once, it is difficult to trust another person again. Fear of trusting a man affects the success of dating, makes a woman close, suspicious. With her distrust, she repels respectable men, without even knowing it.

If you are haunt by the fear of being deceive, try to find a middle ground between unconditional trust and extreme suspicion. You don’t need to let the new man in your life know how deep your distrust of him is. Take a wise position: observe his behavior, interfere with meeting men evaluate his actions and draw conclusions, but do not let him feel under suspicion, fight with a pathological lack of trust on your part. Do not offend a new acquaintance, let him express himself, but at the same time be on the alert.

Stereotypes and other people’s experience

Wanting to protect themselves from disappointment, many ladies delve into the study of someone else’s negative dating experience and perceive the prevailing stereotypes as an unconditional truth, as a rule, in which there is no room for exceptions.

In the book You Know Nothing About Men, Steve Harvey talks about how stereotypes and other people’s negative relationship experiences influence the behavior of women during dating. Indeed, there are many stereotypes regarding various aspects of the world of international dating and foreign men. Often, these are far from flattering clichés. This also applies to someone else’s experience of relationships, acquaintances. If you blindly believe the prevailing stereotypes, other people’s opinions and try to see in every foreigner a standard of a certain behavior described by someone earlier, then you can safely delete your profile from the international dating site. “Customizing” each foreign cavalier under the common “sample”, it is impossible to see in him a personality , his true face.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being aware. However, one should not perceive information, usually negative, as instructions for action. It is important to form your own opinion about meeting foreigners and remember that each person is an individual. This concerns not only the uniqueness of his personality, but also the uniqueness of his life experience.

Hidden hostility towards the representatives of the stronger sex –

Interfere With Meeting Men

The result of insults cause by men in the past can be not only a lack of trust and fear of being deceive, but also an internal, unconscious hostility towards the stronger sex. If life experience remains without proper comprehension. If the culprit of suffering has not been forgive, then a man, whether it is a former. Lover who hurt, or an absolutely stranger. Who has taken interfere with meeting men. The first step towards acquaintance, is perceive on an unconscious level as a potential offender, as an enemy . In the tone of communication with a foreign gentleman, rudeness appears. The letters are full of barbs and aim rather to hurt and offend. The interlocutor than to really learn more about him…

With the enemy it is impossible to build relationships and create a family. If the pain of resentment is still strong, give the wound time to heal. Forgiveness is an important step in overcoming a painful breakup. Forgiving the person who cause the pain is necessary first of all for yourself in order to find inner peace. Forgive the offender, otherwise disappointment and pain may eventually degenerate into more aggressive emotions that will not contribute to harmony and peace in relationships.

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To cope with the above contradictions, to correct mistakes in communication, to understand what lesson an unpleasant situation carries in itself, only the woman herself can. Therefore, until you overcome your internal conflicts, do not leave the past behind you, do not draw the right conclusions and do not learn to accept people as they are, without subconsciously “fitting” to the stereotype, it will be difficult for you to find the right person and start a new relationship.

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