Are you looking for signs that say Healthy in Your Relationship is healthy? Try these out – following are six attributes that you can base your relationship health on – there are dozens more, but these run close to the top:

1. Faithfulness

That state of being exclusive to your partner – not letting go of your end of the agreement you made to each other. Having the self-discipline and self-control to be true to your partner – letting go of your needs and placing their needs before yours. Being there for your mate throughout the relationship from regardless of what circumstance may present itself.

2. Responsibility – Healthy in Your Relationship

Not finding or placing blame on your partner or others for your actions and the end results of those actions. Making wise decisions that will enhance your relationship. Realizing that your relationship has great value and you will do everything in your power to keep it strong.

3. Appreciation

Show your partner that his efforts and contributions matter deeply to you. Tell him how much you appreciate him and make time to enjoy a special activity together. Doing something for your partner without having to be asked usually works much better than gift-giving.

How to Stay Healthy in Your Relationship

4. Having Presence – Relationship & Love

Living in the NOW, today. Being aware of your partner’s mood, how his day is going. Being available in times of stress, joy, or sadness – sharing the burdens he carries and being there to help lighten the load. So many little things – taking the kids to grandma’s house if it’s been a trying week, lighting a fire, and sharing quiet time without interruption.

5. Admiration – Healthy in Your Relationship

Recognize the uniqueness of your partner – his character, the values he lives by, and his trustworthiness – everything good that he brings to your relationship. Let him know you will never reject him for any failures or mistakes that may befall him; that your love is strong and true, forever.

6. Sense of Humor

Humor is so important – in life, in relationships, and in love. Life is serious – decisions have to be made, job responsibilities, raising children – this is serious stuff. Humor makes you feel good; being able to laugh and find something funny in serious situations keeps life from being dull and boring. There is nothing better to relieve stress than (sex) and laughing out loud.

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When you were dating, you put on your best dress, your best behavior, and your prettiest smile – to make your love last forever – keeping doing just that.

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