1. He always has time for you = You are his priority. – Cares About Relationship

The simplest test of whether he really Cares About Relationship you is how much time he has for you and for you. If he cares about you, you will always be his priority. What does this mean in practice? Well, he will always have time for you: to meet or to help you when you really need it. Even if at the moment he is very busy with work or other obligations, he will find at least a moment for you for a phone call and listen carefully to what you want to share with him.

2. He is interested in you and things important to you. – Cares About Relationship

If a man cares about you, he will be keenly interested in everything that concerns you. He will want to learn as much as possible about you, what you want and what delights you in life. He will remember about an important date for you, a job interview or your visit to the family home. All this to be able to support you in such a moment.

3. He asks you about your values ​​and shares his values.

A man who cares about you wants to understand Dating what you really are and counts that you are similar to each other in your values. Therefore, he honestly and openly talks about what is important to him. It can initiate such a conversation even before you bring it up yourself. The conversation may concern faith, approach to the family or raising children, but also other important values. He wants to see that what is important to him is understandable, accepted and may also be important to you.

How Do You Know That He Cares About Relationship

4. He is not afraid to talk to you about his dreams or plans and includes you in them.

Each of us has our dreams and plans. A man in love has a great need to TripTogether share them with you. He wants you to become part of his world. So he invites you to visit him, revealing information that he does not share with random people, and probably only with a very small group of people. You always know what you are going to do next weekend because he plans your meetings in advance. If, on the other hand, he starts to develop a vision that concerns the future and the two of you (even a joint plan for the next vacation), know that he really cares about you.

5. He wants to introduce you to his friends and he wants to meet yours.

The man who cares about you wants to brag about you and feel that you are not ashamed of him either. Consequently, he will want to introduce you to his friends and feel that they accept you. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy for him. It is possible that he is not proud of all his acquaintances and his past behavior, therefore maybe not all of his friends would like to meet you, but there are certainly those to whom he wants to show you.
At the same time, an infatuated man wants to know that he is important to you, and the test of this is that you also want to get to know him with people you love.

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6. With him, you feel the best version of yourself. – Cares About Relationship

You don’t feel weird, inappropriate or inadequate. You are not afraid to ask him a question that is important to you, you are not afraid to tell about things that are important to you. You are just not afraid of his reaction. You also have no doubts.

You may feel a little bit of insecurity that comes with infatuation, but at the same time you feel that you are thriving with it. You feel you can do more than ever. You have a lot of energy and plans, and he supports you in these plans.

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